The Compost Project

About the project

Sending organic waste to landfill is bad for the environment, yet that same waste can be a valuable resource!  Until now, there have been no options in Kaipara to support businesses and families to separate and compost their organic waste. We have seen heaps of cool ways this can be done in other parts of Aotearoa, so we have been working hard on some solutions for our beautiful Kaipara!

Starting with a small trial in Mangawhai, we are now in the next phase, where we are planning how to roll the compost project out throughout the Kaipara!

Project Background

We installed our first compost bins in November 2020 with the help of The CarbonCycle Company.  Their bins are large, robust, rodent resistant and attractive – and they were super easy to put together.  These bins will help us get the compost to the high temperature required to compost higher volumes of waste and some compostable packaging.  A single CarbonCycle Community Composter can convert over 5 tonnes of organic matter into compost per year!!

The first phase of our compost trial was to get the compost working well.  This involved feeding it with layers and layers of nutrients and carbon sources and getting the “recipe” right so that the compost was working efficiently and maintaining an average heat of around 65 degrees celcius.

Once we were happy that our compost was optimal, we started a trial collecting and composting waste from a handful of local households and businesses to see how much of our community generated organic waste we could turn into rich, healthy and useful compost that could be used to grow food.

With a successful trial under our belts we have moved on to a new and exciting phase for our compost project.  Households in Mangawhai can now register their interest for our Community Compost Collection Service – a permanent weekly collection of food waste from households!