Closing the Loop

Helping Kaipara transition to the circular economy

Closing the Loop is part of Sustainable Kaipara’s work to transition Kaipara to the “circular economy“.  Through our Closing the Loop programme we can work with you on an individual basis to minimise your waste and consider ways to avoid waste altogether. We work with schools, businesses, community groups and events. The whole programme is fully funded.

Closing the Loop programme for businesses & community groups:

  • a waste assessment
  • a tailored action plan
  • follow up and support to implement your plan
  • data and stats on your business progress to share with the world
  • promotion through Sustainable Kaipara

Across Kaipara we have worked with cafe’s, pubs, builders, daycares, offices, gyms, insulation companies and clubs to take a look at their waste and start work on minimising what we send to landfill.

We would love to work with you!

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CASE STUDIES: Examples of Closing the Loop program in action.


In order to best illustrate how Closing the Loop might work, we have taken a look at some businesses who are already implementing changes. Check them out below, and get in touch if you’d like to jump on board with us for your waste assessment!