31 May 2022

4 things you can do TODAY to curb your carbon footprint

Climate change can feel like it’s a pretty big thing to tackle huh? Where does one start? What can little old me do to make one ounce of difference?

Well we are here to encourage you to start SMALL, start TODAY and start a movement in YOUR whānau/community/work. Let’s not let the overwhelm freeze us into not changing a thing!

Here are 4 small things you can start TODAY to reduce your carbon footprint:

Illustration of two reusable beverage cups


Avoiding single use items is not just about reducing waste. Huge amounts of energy and water go into creating single use products. By refusing them, you’re cutting that massive carbon footprint.

Illustration of a shopping trolley


Everything we buy has it’s own carbon footprint. With that in mind, shop mindfully and purchase only what you really need. Buy locally produced items to avoid unnecessary transportation.

Illustration of a compost bin


Did you know the methane gas produced by food waste in landfill is 20x more harmful to the atmosphere than CO2!? Divert food from landfill by composting or worm farming, cut your carbon footprint!

Illustration of a bicycle and a person walking


Where possible, walk or bike instead of using a car. Short car trips (under 2kms) account for nearly a third of all vehicle use – so there is great opportunity to reduce your footprint by cutting short trips alone.

This of course is just a start – there are many more steps you can take. But start with these – implementing one a week. Let’s start small and start today, together!!

The Sustainable Kaipara Team

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